Bluesky Brochures

Bluesky strives to capture, create, adapt and analyse the highest quality geospatial data using novel and innovative methods, enabling our customers to solve problems, accelerate efficiencies and ultimately save time and money. Download our Bluesky brochures for Ireland below.

Preview of Bluesky Brochure

Bluesky Brochure

Information on Bluesky’s range of products including Aerial Photography, National Tree Map, MetroVista, 3D Building Models, Topographic Mapping, Thermal Mapping and Height data from LiDAR, Digital Surface Model (DSM) & Digital Terrain Model (DTM).

Thumbnail image of Bluesky's Local Authorities Brochure

Bluesky: Local Authorities Brochure

Bluesky’s Local Government package offers excellent value combining four key geospatial datasets in a GIS-ready bundle. The package includes orthorectifed aerial photography, orthorectified CIR (colour infrared), DTM and DSM.

Thumbnail image of Bluesky's Utilities Brochure

Bluesky: Utilities Brochure

Download our product brochure on data sets useful to the Utilities Sector, including tools to monitor vegetation growth near powerlines.