National Tree Map™

Trees play a vital role in day to day life – improving the air we breathe, providing valuable habitats for our wildlife, and conserving energy by naturally cooling nearby buildings. However, they also pose a risk to properties, networks and subterranean assets, by causing subsidence or pipeline fractures through root damage, and endangering overhead lines through trees falling and loose branches. It is therefore essential that those involved in tree and vegetation management have access to the most accurate and comprehensive data available.

Bluesky’s National Tree Map™ (NTM™) is the most detailed dataset of its kind ever produced. With coverage across the Republic of Ireland, England, Wales and Scotland. NTM™ provides a unique, comprehensive database of location, height and canopy/crown extents for every single tree 3m and taller. In total there are 133 million trees mapped within the Republic of Ireland.

Created from our high resolution national aerial photography, accurate terrain and surface data, and colour infrared imagery, using innovative processing techniques, NTM™ is already being used across a variety of sectors including insurance, utilities, forestry, government, planning, and environmental management.

Bluesky’s National Tree Map™ in Ireland is updated regularly as new aerial photography becomes available through our cyclic update program, ensuring that it remains the most detailed, comprehensive and up-to-date tree map ever.


  • Trees 3m and taller

  • Measurements of location, height and canopy spread
  • Idealised crowns

  • Detailed crowns

  • Height points

  • Created from stereo aerial photography

  • Vector format – ESRI .shp as standard


  • Tree management (including TPOs)

  • Canopy coverage analysis

  • Insurance risk assessment

  • Utility asset management

  • Impact on utilities & overhead lines

  • Visualisation and modelling

  • Flood and pollution modelling


  • Unique product – the only tree map in Ireland

  • Easy-to-use vector data
  • Flexible licensing terms
  • Continually updated
  • Compatible with OS Ireland & other base mapping products

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