At Bluesky we recognise the potential environmental impact of our operations

We aim for continuous improvement in our environmental management and performance to reduce pollution. We encourage all Bluesky employees to contribute to developing a more sustainable business.

CO2 Emissions

We work with Climate Care to offset the carbon emissions from the use of aircraft for the capture of remotely sensed products. Find out more about the range of projects they invest in here:


We have a “think before you print” policy with dedicated paper and cardboard recycling bins. Plastics and metals are also recycled. The bins are collected by a local charity that maximises recycled waste.

Bluesky is committed to:

  • Complying with the law and regulatory requirements as a minimum
  • Promoting recycling and the use of recycled materials
  • Minimising waste and the use of resources across the business
  • Measuring environmental impacts of the business and, where reasonable, setting realistic targets for improvement
  • Ensuring that environment implications are considered as part of our decision-making process
  • Encouraging employees to be aware of their own environmental responsibilities at work
  • Encouraging business partners to operate in an environmentally responsible manner and, where appropriate, making this a condition of any business partnership
  • Monitoring progress and reporting annually on environmental performance

To view our Carbon Reduction Plan click here, or view our profile on Zellar here.