October 2023

  • Geospatial Insight and Bluesky Launch Strategic Partnership to Drive Rooftop Solar Uptake

    With solar energy becoming a crucial component in the journey towards achieving net zero, Geospatial Insight and Bluesky International are proud to unveil their strategic partnership aimed at transforming the…

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  • Bluesky Aerial Maps Improve Efficiency for Forest Surveys

    Forest Surveys is using high-resolution imagery from Bluesky International to improve its understanding of terrain in difficult to access locations. Working with clients across the forestry sector, Forest Surveys is…

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August 2023

  • Renewable Energy Planning in Ireland

    With ambitious plans to tackle climate change, Ireland has already seen a dramatic increase in energy generated from renewable resources yet there is still a growing demand that is not…

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June 2023

  • Bluesky Makes a Record Breaking Start to the 2023 Mapping Flying Season

    Aerial mapping company Bluesky International has made a record-breaking start to its 2023 flying season having captured more than 96 per cent of its UK flying target in the first…

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April 2023

  • Bluesky and Ecopia Partner To Create First 3D Map of Ireland

    Bluesky International and Ecopia AI (Ecopia) announce a partnership to develop the first ever 3D land cover map of Ireland. Generated using Bluesky’s 12.5 and 25 cm resolution aerial imagery and Ecopia’s AI-based…

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  • Bluesky Launches New Data-As-A-Service Offering

    A new geospatial data subscription service has been launched by aerial survey and mapping company Bluesky designed to ensure customers can access data they need, when they need it, without…

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  • Bluesky Partners With Berlin-Based UP42 To Supply Aerial Imagery and Geospatial Data

    Bluesky International announces a new partnership with Berlin-based UP42, a leading geospatial developer platform and marketplace. The recently signed agreement will see Bluesky supply its accurate, high resolution aerial imagery…

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June 2022

  • Bluesky LiDAR and Aerial Photography Bring Builds to Life for Dublin Design Studio

    A Dublin based architectural consultancy is using data from aerial survey and mapping company Bluesky International to ensure the planning process is conducted as efficiently and smoothly as possible for…

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March 2022

  • Bluesky 3D Models Help Macro Works Plan Milestone Solar Farm in Ireland

    3D maps derived from the latest aerial photography are being used to secure planning permission for solar farms across the Republic of Ireland. Created by Bluesky International, the Digital Terrain…

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February 2022

  • Waterford City and County Council Use Bluesky National Tree Map Data to Support Carbon Neutral Plans

    Data from Bluesky International’s National Tree Map is being used by Waterford City and County Council to help benchmark current tree cover across the city and to look at suitable…

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October 2021

  • Bluesky LiDAR Benchmarks Carbon Neutral Farming in Northern Ireland

    A European Innovation Partnership project to accelerate the move towards net carbon zero farming is using specially commissioned LiDAR data to create a baseline for future measurements. Working with ARCZero…

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February 2021

  • Bluesky Takes to the Air to Create First Ever 3D Map of Northern Ireland’s Coastline

    Bluesky International will use aircraft mounted LiDAR sensors laser scanners to create a highly detailed 3D map of the whole of the Northern Ireland coastline. Working on behalf of the…

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