May 2022

  • Bluesky’s National Tree Map Helps Improve Biodiversity in London

    A project targeting biodiversity gain and climate change resilience in Bloomsbury, London is turning to data from Bluesky International’s National Tree Map (NTM) to ensure proposals are built on evidence-based…

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March 2022

  • Bluesky 3D Models Help Macro Works Plan Milestone Solar Farm in Ireland

    3D maps derived from the latest aerial photography are being used to secure planning permission for solar farms across the Republic of Ireland. Created by Bluesky International, the Digital Terrain…

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  • Tree Carbon Capture Figures are More Accurate Thanks to Bluesky’s National Tree Map

    Tree carbon capture figures in West and North Yorkshire are now being recorded more accurately as experts have turned to data from the National Tree Map. This unique dataset, created…

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February 2022

  • Waterford City and County Council Use Bluesky National Tree Map Data to Support Carbon Neutral Plans

    Data from Bluesky International’s National Tree Map is being used by Waterford City and County Council to help benchmark current tree cover across the city and to look at suitable…

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  • Bluesky Aerial Photography Helps Derby Homes Boost Solar Energy Output and Reduce Carbon Emissions

    Aerial mapping company Bluesky is helping Derby Homes roll out integrated solar photovoltaic (PV) systems across its housing stock. A project to identify suitable roof coverings assessed more than 8,000…

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December 2021

  • Bluesky Aerial Photography used to Map Green Roofs

    Bluesky International Ltd, the UK’s leading aerial survey and mapping company, has supplied its high-resolution photography to support a new artificial intelligence platform created by technology start-up Gentian. The platform…

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November 2021

  • Bluesky National Tree Map Data Included in First Online Natural Capital Calculator

    The first online natural capital mapping tool in the UK – NatCap Map – is using data from Bluesky’s National Tree Map™. Developed by Natural Capital Research, the tool allows…

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October 2021

  • Bluesky LiDAR Benchmarks Carbon Neutral Farming in Northern Ireland

    A European Innovation Partnership project to accelerate the move towards net carbon zero farming is using specially commissioned LiDAR data to create a baseline for future measurements. Working with ARCZero…

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September 2021

  • MWA Arboriculture uses Bluesky National Tree Map to Inform Tree Condition Surveys

    Arboricultural consultancy MWA Arboriculture is using data from the National Tree Map, the only map that details the location and attributes of more than 300 million trees, to inform tree…

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  • Bluesky National Tree Map™ at the Root of Birmingham’s Urban Forest Master Plan

    An extract from a map that details the location and attributes of more than 300 million trees is being used to create the UK’s first Urban Forest Master Plan (UFMP).…

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  • Bluesky Aerial Photomaps Feature in International Arts Festival

    Mirror Pavilion, Leaf Work, (Derrigimlagh) 2020 by John Gerrard photo by Ros Kavanagh Aerial photography and 3D height models from Bluesky are informing a new art installation in Ireland. Part…

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August 2021

  • Bluesky Cyclomedia Partnership Combines Aerial and Mobile Mapped Data for Virtual City Models

    Aerial mapping company Bluesky International is working with the Dutch mobile mapping specialist Cyclomedia to bring together imagery and height data, captured from the air and at street level, to…

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July 2021

  • Bluesky National Tree Map Shows Changing Face of Sevenoaks District’s Historic Tree Cover

    A new map detailing the location, height and canopy for trees over 3 metres in height is helping Sevenoaks District Council manage its iconic ancient trees and natural woodland. Derived…

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June 2021

  • Boston University Uses Bluesky Aerial Photomaps to Research Climate Change

    Researchers at Boston University are using high resolution aerial photography to investigate how important coastal ecosystems are responding to climate change. The study focused on an area of salt marsh…

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May 2021

  • Bluesky Aerial Maps Light the Way for Contaminated Site Investigation and Clean Up

    Aerial mapping company Bluesky has completed a topographic survey of the old Anchor Color and Gum Works site in Dighton, Massachusetts. Working with Lighthouse Land Surveying, LLC and under strict…

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April 2021

  • Wiltshire Council uses Bluesky National Tree Map to Manage Public Tree Stock

    Wiltshire Council is using data from a map which details the location and attributes of more than 300 million trees to improve the management of its trees in parks and…

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January 2021

  • Bluesky National Tree Map Reveals Carbon Capture Potential of Natural Woodlands

    A map detailing the location and attributes of more than 300 million trees is being used to research the role of natural woodland in meeting climate change targets. With UK…

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  • Bluesky LiDAR Used to Visualise Peatland Restoration on Royal Estate

    Data collected from survey aircraft equipped with advanced laser scanners is being used by the James Hutton Institute to monitor the natural restoration of land at the Queen’s Balmoral Estate…

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